Scentsy Wax Bars


Pop a cube or two in your Scentsy Warmer dish and fill your space with long-lasting fragrance — no flame, smoke or soot.

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Natural & Essential Oils


The best in the world! Sourced from only the finest natural ingredients from around the globe. Use Scentsy Oils alone or blend them together to create a custom experience.

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Scentsy Go Pods


Filled with no-spill fragrance beads, Scentsy Pods provide up to 120 hours of fragrance when used with our Scentsy Go system. Each pack includes two Pods of the same scent.

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Car Bars


Delivers fragrance for up to 30 days. Hang it from the rearview and breathe in a new adventure!

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Scent Circles


Add a burst of Scentsy fragrance wherever you go.

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Scent Paks


Stash your favorite scent in drawers, closets, suitcases or your Scentsy Buddy. This fabric satchel is filled with scented beads for long-lasting fragrance.

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Room Sprays


Spritz your favorite fragrance wherever and whenever you need it.

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Travel Tins


Perfect on the go or in smaller spaces that need great fragrance.

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